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Competitive fairground games with a twist! Score yourself against pals, plus the chance to win a duck.

Each entry includes 2 rounds of our 9 games – This should take around 60-90 minutes, but feel free to play at yer own pace, or enjoy some delicious bevvy & scran between gaming.


Roll up, roll up (the ramp) – you’ve got 60 seconds to roll yer balls into the holes. The smaller the hole the higher the points!

Slam Drunk

It’s time for Space Bam: A New Legacy. Let’s play ball! Get as many baskets as ye can in 60 seconds to rack up some points – 10 points per basket.

Duck Hunt

Who gives a flying duck? Hook as many as ye can in 90 seconds – don’t forget to check out the bottom to see if you’ve won a wee prize.

Plenty O’ Fish

Feed the fish by chucking yer baws in the bowls (the fish are safer here than in the Clyde, trust us). Earn 10 points per baw in a bowl.

Lucky Tosser

Toss the hoops over the bottles and cross yer fingers! Think you’ll score big? Here’s hooping.

Tinning Park

Knock over as many tins as ye can-can! Chuck it hard and knock ‘em down, as each can must be completely off the platform to earn yer points (10 points per can).

Bulls Aye

It’s not our bevvies making your head spin – it’s revolving darts! Beat yer pals by aiming for the scoring sections to win the most points.

Shots Fired

12 shots to attack the snacks! Shoot a target to win – aim for the wee yins to bag the most points.
Wee yins: 30 points
Medium yins: 20 points
Big yins: 10 points

Cannae Whack It

Clyde critters escaping? Not on our watch – if it moves, hit it. Whack ‘em all!

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