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Meet the Women Behind Fayre Play

8 March 2024

Meet the Women Behind Fayre Play

Here at Fayre Play, we’re embracing International Women’s Day, so we want to celebrate the women who make up our cracking team and all the work they do. 

As a local business co-owned by our amazing female founder Kasia Neilson, today we’re shouting about the women who make up our management team. 

Here’s what they have to say about life at Fayre Play….

Kasia – Co-Owner

Many might find leaving a stable career in London a bold move. But for me it was about forging my own path. I craved the challenge of building something, a company that reflected my values. I wasn’t satisfied with simply working for someone else’s dream.

From the start, at Fore Play Crazy Golf and now at Fayre Play, our goal wasn’t just to make money, but to make a place where everyone feels supported and treated fairly. It’s something that’s really important to us and it’s a big part of why we’ve been successful. I continue to be blown away by the amazing women I’m surrounded by at Fayre Play. I’m so grateful for their hard work, dedication, and support. They are truly an inspiration.

International Women’s Day holds profound significance for me, both personally and professionally. As a woman and a mother, I have experienced first hand the challenges and triumphs that come with navigating the workplace. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been afforded, but I am also aware of the systemic barriers that many women still face. It is a crucial reminder of the strides we’ve made, but also the work that’s ahead. As a society, we need to continue dismantling barriers and fostering an environment where women can thrive. In our company, we actively support and celebrate female leadership, because we know when women succeed, everyone benefits.

This day symbolises the potential every woman has to achieve her dreams, regardless of the field she chooses to venture into. It reinforces my motivation to lead by example, showing that with determination and a supportive community, it is possible to break barriers and pave new paths.

Annie – Social Media & Advertising Manager

Since joining the team in November 2021, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to progress from Marketing Assistant to Social Media & Advertising Manager. My current role’s responsibility largely focuses on crafting and executing the organization’s social media strategy. This includes overseeing all paid advertisements, digital designs, influencer campaigns, and creating engaging content and copy that will engage our target audience. 

My biggest highlight and challenge to date since working here was launching the social strategy and channels of our brand new experience, Fayre Play. My prior experience has only been working with brands that have an established following, so I was really excited to build a launch from scratch and have my hand in the brand’s affinity from the beginning. My biggest accomplishment is growing Fayre Play’s Instagram Account to 11.4K followers in a year. 

As for the future, I think I’d like to see myself as a Content and Brand Manager. I am driven by the prospect of leading a dynamic team comprising graphic designers, copywriters, photographers/videographers, and social content creators.  Right now I’m quite keen on Hospitality, but who knows where this road will take me. 

To me, International Women’s Day is a reminder that Women should be celebrated in all spaces every day. When working in a male dominated industry like Hospitality, it’s important for companies to understand that our voices are extremely valuable. I’m proud to work for a company that has a female founder that’s just as valued and respected as her male partner.

Alex – Graphic Designer

I originally joined the company on a part time basis almost 3 years ago, when we were Fore Play Crazy Golf. Since then, I have progressed from FOH, to Supervisor, to taking on some Graphic Design work when needed. When Fore Play transformed into Fayre Play last year, I was given the opportunity to go full-time with my Design work and I am now the Creative Lead for Fayre Play!

A big highlight for me is that I’ve met so many amazing people since working at Fayre Play and I’ve made some lifelong friends. As for career aspirations, I have been given a lot of opportunities during my time here. I’d love to use the experience I’ve gained to continue to progress within my career as a Graphic Designer within the company. Keep an eye out for ‘Darling Design’!

For me, International Women’s Day is an important reminder to celebrate the women around us. It’s a reminder that women are intelligent, strong and caring – we are more than what society tells us to be.

Ciara – Marketing & Comms Assistant

I joined the company back in March of 2022 as a part time operational staff member and have since had the amazing opportunity to progress into the Marketing & Communications department full time. In May of 2023, I added on a new challenge by taking on the role of Communications Manager. In this time I have had countless opportunities to develop new skills and be part of the successful transformation from Fore Play Crazy Golf to our new experience as Fayre Play.

Working at Fayre Play has given me the means and resources to progress into the internal team and work alongside an incredible team of people. Ultimately my biggest highlight of working at Fayre Play are the staff who have supported me in finding my passion and have become some of my closest friends. 

To me International Women’s Day is about celebrating the women around you and appreciating all they do and how far they have come. It also provides a platform for discussions around all the issues we still face and highlight our voices in these matters.

Working at a company like Fayre Play where I am surrounded by so many inspirational women in positions of authority has been an incredible experience for me and has undoubtedly contributed to my ability to grow and flourish within the company.

Beth – Customer Experience Manager

I joined the company back in 2019 as a part time member of the front of house team. I quickly warmed to both the people behind the business, and the brand’s ethos of creating new and memorable ways to socialise, and took on the role of Digital Communications & Marketing Assistant while I completed my postgraduate studies.

After completing my masters, I had the opportunity to join the central team full time as their Customer Experience (CX) assistant manager, and have now held the role of CX manager since March 2023. My department oversees the customer journey, looking at how we can improve our offering and increase revenue through different projects. As such, my job can consist of anything from data-analysis and team training, to sourcing branded rubber ducks and designing funfair-themed cocktails! As part of my role I oversee all in-venue designs and website content, as well as planning new offers, products and promotions.

I was heavily involved in the rollout and brand development for Fayre Play’s launch last year, and seeing the brand go from strength to strength has been a particularly rewarding part of my job. Another personal highlight was creating our iconic ‘Mini Marg’ and increasing monthly revenue by 4k with the rollout of our popular mocktail and shot menus.

International Women’s Day reminds me how grateful I am to work on a team with so many strong female voices, and not to take that representation for granted. Women are stronger when we support and celebrate each others’ achievements, and I’m thankful to be in a role where I can help others be heard.